NYT columnist Kristof has a column up on gender & education: The Boys Have Fallen Behind. He cites statistics about the differences between boys and girls in schools:

  • 64% of National Honor Society members are girls
  • Grade point average for girls: 3.09
  • Grade point average for boys: 2.86
  • 62% of those who get a perfect SAT score (2400) are boys

Kristof briefly explores possible reasons for the why boy on average have lower scores yet there are more boys among top academic performers. One possibility he doesn’t seem to explore is whether or not boys have calculated that they do not need to do as well in school to still get jobs that pay  better on average than will women due to discrimination and the gender wage gap.

The primary source for his data is Richard Whitmire‘s book Why Boys Fail. Richard Whitmire was interviewed on ABC’s Good Morning America:

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