The Institute for College Access & Success has released its annual report, “Student Debt and the Class of 2008,” [pdf] on student debt levels for 2008 grads as part of its Project on Student Debt.

They found that the average student loan debt for a 2008 graduate was $23,200. There was significant variation by state, school type, and individual schools. The District of Columbia had the highest average at $$29,793 followed by Iowa (where I live) at $28,174. The lowest was Utah at $13,041. Average debt also varied by school type: Public 4-year: $20,200; Private non-profit 4-year: $27,650; & Private for-profit 4-year: $33,050.  Individual schools varied from $5,000 to $106,000 in average debt.

An interactive map to see state-level variation is available here. Clicking on a state or on the drop-down menu on that page and selecting a state provides a pop-up box with data about individual schools in the state you select (unless you have pop-ups blocked in your browser). There is also an Excel file available on that page that provides averages for public, private, and overall debt load for each state.

Full report: Student Debt and the Class of 2008 [pdf]

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