The latest Census report on income, poverty, and health insurance coverage has been released: Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2008 [pdf]. This is one of my favorite annual report because it provides detailed statistics on the distribution of  these resources.

A few highlights for 2008:

  • Median household income was $$50,303 (a 3.6% decline  from 2007)
  • There was significant income variation by race/ethnicity (Asian households: $65,637; non-Hispanic White: $55,530; Hispanic: $37,913; and, Black: $$34,218
  • The gender wage gap got wider with women earning, on average, 77 cents for every $1 men earn (a 1% increase over 2007)
  • The poverty rate increased to 13.2%
  • The poverty level for a family of four was $22,025
  • There were 46.3 million people without health insurance in 2008 (15.4% of the population)

A link to the press release, including more summary statistics, is available here.

Income, Poverty, & Health Insurance Coverage: 2008

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