TransUnion has released a report on credit card debt. In their news release they summarized the findings as follows:

Average bankcard borrower debt (defined as the aggregate balance on all bank-issued credit cards for an individual bankcard borrower) inched upward nationally 0.33 percent to $5,729 from the previous quarter’s $5,710, and 1.96 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2007 ($5,619). The highest state average bankcard debt was in Alaska at $7,466, followed by Nevada at $6,638 and Tennessee at $6,560. The lowest average bankcard debt was found in Iowa ($4,267), followed by North Dakota ($4,414) and West Virginia ($4,555).

The Des Moines Register included a graph as part of its report on the story which focuses on Iowa and Des Moines, but also includes a graph showing the national trends over time:

Credit Card Debt Graph

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