A few years ago Oprah Winfrey featured a story in which students from a Chicago public high school (Harper) exchanged places for a day with students at a suburban Chicago school (Neuqua Valley in Naperville). It shows a significant contrast in the facilities that are available. The YouTube video is available here. There is also a series of related slides (starting here) at Oprah.com as part of a larger report on education called Failing Grade. It provides some brief statistics describing the differences between the schools:

The difference between the two schools can also be seen in their scores on state exams. At Neuqua Valley, 78 percent of students meet Illinois’ reading standards, 76 percent meet the science standards, and 77 percent meet the math standards. At Harper, 16 percent meet the reading standards, 1.5 percent meet the science standards and just .5 percent meet the math standards.

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