Gamestop, the video game chain, has produced a video that was intended for internal use to assist its employees in selling games to women.  The Consumerist has a post up about the video titled, “Internal Gamestop Video Teaches How To Sell To Women.” They summarize the video this way:

The conceit in this internal Gamestop training video is that you’re watching a sort of nature video with a British anthropologist investigating a strange and mysterious species: woman— and how to sell to them. Offensive – or just a low-budget industrial video team trying to get its audience to pay attention?

They then provide a poll in which people can respond to whether or not the video reinforces gender stereotypes.

Almost as interesting as the video itself are the comments to that post in which people weigh in about whether or not the video is appropriate or offensive. It would make an interesting opportunity for discussion in a classroom.

While I would strongly recommend heading to the site to see the comments, I’ll also embed the video here.

[Hat tip to Bob]

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