SOC opens with a vignette about the film “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I thought I’d pass along a few video links.

Here’s a video when Clarence steps in just as George is about to kill himself believing that he is worth more dead than alive because his family will be able to collect on his life insurance policy. Instead, Clarence jumps and George saves him. Clarence then tells George that he is George’s guardian angel. After George say, “I’m worth more dead than alive,” Clarence comes back with, “You just don’t know all that you’ve done.” George late says, “I wish I’d never been born.” This gives Clarence the idea to show George what life would have been like had that been true. This sets of a series of scenes in which George sees how the world would have been different without him.

(There are some mild issues with the audio/video sync in this clip. Update: I found a full-length version of the film on Google video that does not suffer from the sync issues. In that video, this clip starts at about 1:38 ).

The next clip takes up where the previous one left off (in Martini’s bar).  There’s a scene in here where George walks down main street and sees how the city has changed. He also sees the house that he and Mary had rehabbed that is now in total disrepair. He then has an encounter with his mother who has no idea who he is.

(Unfortunately the audio and video on this clip are terribly out of sync. I’m searching for an online alternative. Update: In the full-length video below, this scene starts at about 1:48 ).

The next clip includes a clip that I think is critical to the whole premise of the film. It starts at about 0:50 and George finally realizes that he is seeing what the world would have looked like had he not lived. Clarence says, “Strange, isn’t it. Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he.” In class I sometimes show this scene and the next one at the cemetery up to the point where Clarence says, “See, George, you really had a wonderful life.”

(This clip too has sync issues. Update: In the full-length version below the key scene begins at 1:57:45)

And I can’t resist including the ending. George gets his wish to return to his life. The town comes to his rescue and he is toasted by his brother as “the richest man in town.”

(This is a higher quality clip and does not have sync issues.)

[Update: I found a full-length version on Google video. I’ve included the time stamps for the key scenes in notes adjacent to the videos above]

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