I just stumbled across an interesting blog site called “Sociological Images: Seeing Is Believing.” They have a bunch of images, links, and some commentary. They are particularly strong on the issues of gender and race, but there are other topics as well. On their “About” link they write:

WHY: What with the kids these days being all media-saturated, a good image is often more effective for getting a point across than all the citations, repetition, or jumping up and down and saying “really I swear” can ever do. This blog is a space for us to share those really fantastic images.

OUR AUDIENCE: We assume that you, our audience, are sociologically-inclined folks. So we do not typically include a lengthy sociological interpretation of the images.

DIALOGUE: We are aware that images are polysemic and that people will use them in many different ways, so our commentary, when offered, is never meant to control how people use the images (as if we could anyway). We welcome comments that offer additional or alternative interpretations of images, in fact we’d love them, but let’s not get into any fights about what an image does or doesn’t mean.

[Update: there is a new location for this site. It is now associated with Contexts, the American Sociological Association’s magazine, and is available here: Sociological Images. I have also updated the link above.]

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