The Wall Street Journal reports (“There’s Rich, and There’s the ‘Fortunate 400’“; March 5, 2008) that the top 400 taxpayers averaged $213.9 million apiece in 2005. The lowest income earner on the list took home $100.3 million.  And it’s a sign that the rich are getting richer:

The group accounted for 1.15% of total income in 2005, up from 1.02% the prior year — and more than twice as large as its 0.49% share a decade earlier.

Of this money, the greatest share  (58% of their income) comes from capital gains. Their average salary was $22.2 million per return (8.6% of their adjusted gross income).
On average, they paid a federal income tax rate 18.23% compared to an average rate for all 134.4 million returns filed of 12.6%.

Also reported in the story is that the adjusted gross income cutoff point to be in the top 1% of income earners was $364,657 and for the top 5% it was $145,283.

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