So I’m sitting by myself watching a bit of TV after having just talked in my intro class earlier in the day about the impact TV has on community (see, for example, Putnam’s Bowling alone) when I see a Panasonic TV commercial that puts forth the image that the family that watches TV together, stays together (or something like that). There’s an Adweek story about their ad campaign here, “Panasonic Touts TV Time for Families,” includes a link to a video of the commercial. It provides this description of the commercial:

In the 30-second spot “Introduction,” a mother, father, older brother and younger sister all introduce themselves to one another as if they’ve never met before. After the introductions, the family awkwardly pauses and looks at one another as a narrator says the words displayed on screen, “It’s time to bring back family time.” The family is shown watching a Panasonic TV. “Panasonic ideas for family. Panasonic ideas for life” is the tagline.

It also provides this link to a website devoted to Pansonic’s larger ad campaign where they ask the question “Are you suffering from famnesia?” They also provide a family time quiz and say, “Take the quiz now to get a better sense of just how committed you are to family time. And, at the end of the quiz, be sure to express your commitment to family time by pledging family time hours.”