I am currently working on finishing a book called “The Big Picture: A Sociology Primer” (McGraw-Hill; linked on the left). My goal for the book is to provide an accessible and interesting introduction to what it means to look at the world sociologically. The sociological perspective can provide us with insight that we can use both individually and collectively. As individuals it can help us to better understand our selves and to shape how we act (what I call “personal sociology”). It also provides us with tools necessary to do a better job in making collective decisions in the workplace or in politics (what I and others call “public sociology“). While it will be a while before the book comes out (2006), I wanted to get a start on an Internet presence not because I want to sell the book, but because I believe there’s a need for a site that can provide links that encourage the practice of both personal and public sociology.

My goal for this site is to provide a place for ideas, observations, and links of sociological interest. I think sociology should inform our personal and public understanding, so we should be able to find those connections all around us. I plan to post comments based on what I observe around me, as well as suggestions for books, articles, and links. In my dreams, others will share their comments and suggestions as well. Of course that’s a ways down the road, yet, but I’ve got to start somewhere.